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    Why film your event? – Video Production Dublin, Ireland – Videography

Why film your event? – Video Production Dublin, Ireland – Videography

June 1st, 2016

When you are planning an event you should definitely consider filming it. Every event is unique in its own way and having a video copy of the event can be extremely useful. The filmed event can be used and edited in a number of different ways and has the following value to your company.

Edit a highlight reel for YouTube showing how successful your event was.
Archive the whole event for reference purposes and future use.
Use the recording to identify what worked and didn’t work about your event.
Divide the event video into different sections which can be release on social media over time.
Use the event video for staff training.
– Send a copy of the event video to all delegates.

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Animated Video Presentation Slideshow Production Ireland Event

May 18th, 2016

Over the last few years, we’ve been asked more and more by our clients to transform slideshow presentations into vibrant short videos. It has become a strategy for companies to stand out from the crowd when pitching to new clients or when convincing others of the success of their smart strategies. We are tech junkies so love a challenge. It starts with pretty much a blank paper and by the end we have produced a video presentation that really rocks.

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What makes a great interview great? – Video Production Corporate Dublin Ireland

May 18th, 2016

When working with our corporate clients, lots of them ask us how they should prepare for an interview on camera. It’s probably the most commonly asked question and there is often understandable nerves. Video production is a craft and if you choose us, we’ll happily guide you through any interview process.

Here are a few tips:

1. The most important thing for any interview is to relax. If you fluff your lines, you can always give it another go, and another go, and another go, your fail safe in making a film is the huge amount of space on digital crds these days so there’s no pressure, relax into it and the rest will follow.

2. How much should you prepare? Well, it’s worth putting a bit of time into what you want to communicate but what audiences really engage with is authenticity. Being overly scripted can be a barrier to viewer engagement.

3. Believe in what you are saying. Examine why you are making the video and find the core thing you believe in and want to communicate. Focus on that and be passionate about that when being interviewed. Let the world see why they should care about your business/service/product.

4. What should you wear? Well, always wear on camera something is rule number one! The second rule comes down to what you really want to communicate and to who you want to communicate. If your audience is business, communicating a clean corporate image is important. If your audience is the general public, being genuine can go a long way. Examine your audience and your business, and wear something you think represents that.

5. Enjoy it! For many people, being interviewed on camera is not a regular occurrence and might even be a once in a lifetime moment and it’s important to treat it like that. So make sure you enjoy it!

Whether one production or two video productions, VideoWorks!

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Conference Video Production – Phocuswright @ Dublin Convention Centre – Video Production for Conference

May 16th, 2016

We love conferences!!!! It brings you a zest for life to get out there and provide video services for conferences with exciting quick delivery. It’s something that we really enjoy. Our recent production was for the Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit in Dublin’s Convention Centre and we were on hand to record some of the great news ideas in travel. We love conferences and this conference was an especially brilliant video production because we witnessed some inspirational people present the future of travel

We’re based on the doorstep of the Convention Centre Dublin so do get in touch if you’re planning on video production for your next conference in Dublin.


Construction Video Production – Ireland Videography – Documentation Ireland

February 29th, 2016

When C&C asked us to pop down to Clonmel and capture the construction of a new brewery, we jumped at the opportunity. Any excuse to bring out our inner nerd! Setting up time-lapse cameras over five weeks and filming over three shoot days, it was not a simple shoot, however it was important to create a cost-effective way of capturing all the work being done. The result is a great record of what is a beautiful piece of engineering and very much a fast forward production 😉

Get a great video made at an affordable price! – Video Production Ireland

February 18th, 2016

Looking for video production services in Ireland, well look no further.
As one of Ireland’s leading video production service providers, VideoWorks is a team of highly experienced professionals that have produced hundreds of video for educational, corporate and marketing companies. We have produced numerous construction videos and are an expert in time-lapse video production for the construction industry.
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Video Production for Product Launch – Tanorganic hits London!

January 8th, 2016

What better way to announce a new product than to use an exciting promotional video to help place your brand in the marketplace!!!

Launching the Tanorganic organic self-tanning product in the UK, we were invited to fly over to the UK and capture the launch. Sometimes weather can play havoc with filming. This time though the horrendous weather even got the Daily Mail talking about the stunt 🙂

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Lakeland Treasures App Video – Video Production for New App and Software

January 7th, 2016

We were delighted to be asked to create a short video illustrating the functionality of a new App promoting the Lakelands region in the midlands of Ireland. It’s a very graphics heavy piece and involved a degree of planning in advance so we’re understandably chuffed with the final product. It was also great to work with new clients as well, including Waterways Ireland, Fáilte Ireland, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, Fermanagh Lakelands, MidlandsIreland.ie, Tourism Ireland. Enjoy!

Training Video Production – Dublin Ireland

November 25th, 2015

Why a video is the best way of training your staff?

1. A correctly produced video can leave a lasting memory in your staff’s minds
2. It can be clear, concise and can explain complex instructions in simple easy-to-understand ways

3. Things can be slowed down and filmed from all angles resulting in full clarity

4. A video can be shared at an event but also shared after the event using online tools

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Video Prospectus Production University Ireland – Video production for Kings Inns –

November 20th, 2015

Creating a video prospectus to appeal to young audiences is a must-have for educational institutions these days. We’ve done so many over the years but this one had to be visually the most outstanding.
We really love the King’s Inns buildings on Henrietta Street so we were chuffed to be able to film and show off all that Kings Inns has to offer. This first video provides insight from the point of view of alumni into the courses on offer for prospective students.