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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Video is proven to be the most effective way of communicating your organisations message, educating an audience, inspiring clients and engaging the imagination. Video has taken over as the pre-eminent SEO and brand messaging tool in today’s online community and marketplace.

We provide cost-effective video services to a whole range of different organisations at different prices. Above all, we believe that we can tailor a video production package to suit every client. Our quotes are extremely transparent and you can receive a detailed breakdown of how a video is costed by getting in touch

We are a video service provider with over fifteen years of video production experience in Ireland. Consequently, we have assembled a large team of people who deliver on time and on budget. Our offices are in Dublin, Ireland and we have become Ireland’s leading production company for the private and public sector.

Public liability, equipment insurance and employee insurance is vital for a video production company. We are a fully insured production company and we can provide proof of this prior to the commencement of any filming.

Get in touch with an expert video production company.

The different stages of video production typically include:

  • PreProduction: This is the planning phase, where the concept and goals of the video are established, a script or storyboard is created, locations and talent are chosen, and a production budget is set.
  • Production: This is the actual shooting of the video, where the cast and crew are assembled, equipment is set up, and the video is shot.
  • PostProduction: This is the editing phase, where the footage is organised and edited, music and sound is added, color grading is applied, and the video is finalised.
  • Delivery: This is the final stage, where the video is distributed and released to the intended audience.

The amount of time it takes to produce a video depends on many factors, including the complexity of the project, the size of the team, and the amount of preproduction and postproduction work required. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from a few days to several months to produce a video.

When deciding on a video production company, you should consider the following:

  1. Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues who have used a video production company in the past.
  2. Look for video production companies that specialise in the type of video you need.
  3. Research each company and read customer reviews.
  4. Ask for samples of their work.
  5. Get quotes from multiple companies and compare rates.
  6. Check each company’s reputation and make sure they are experienced in the type of video project you need.
  7. Make sure the company has professional equipment, a good portfolio, and a clear understanding of your project.


What can I say about Videoworks? They were amazing to work with. They have a great attention to detail, they clarify everything and it ensures everyone is on the same page. They filmed for us, they livestreamed for us, they problem solved for us. It was our first digital festival and we couldn't have picked a better team to partner with. Anyone else thinking about running a digital festival, should go straight to them. They will massively reduce any stress you have. They were always extremely responsive and speedy to any emails or calls. Everyone in the team is skilled in their field and it makes them a really strong team overall. Any future occasions where we need help with something like this, I'm picking up the phone and calling them immediately."Edel Doran, Programme Co-Ordinator, First Fortnight

We have been availing of the services of VideoWorks since 2016. In this time, the VideoWorks team have produced a number of high quality videos that we have used on various platforms to effectively communicate the importance of the work we do in engaging with adult learners and sharing their experiences. Many of the videos that we have commissioned have aimed to document our events for adult learners/members in a creative and accessible way and VideoWorks are incredibly skilled in interpreting our briefs and often improving on them. Ciaran and his team are a pleasure to work with and have a very professional approach through all stages of the process – especially in making adult learners feel comfortable in front of the camera. Often we have limited time to turn around projects and this is never a problem for the team. We would highly recommend them and I am happy to answer further questions about this work.Katie O'Rourke, Communications Lead, AONTAS

We have been using the services of Videoworks for the past number of years. They are a pleasure to work with, nothing is ever too much trouble for them - some of the people we have sought to feature in videos have been difficult enough to access and liaise with but the guys in Videoworks have never said never and have persisted again and again until they were able to deliver on the initial ask. VideoWorks are flexible, and good humored, and adopt a professional approach to all projects. They are very creative and come up with great ideas and get the message that we are trying to convey. At this stage we wholly trust them to go out and do what we need done, and we have never had to haggle with them over pricing.Karen Ruddock, Director, PPLI

I've worked with Dave and VideoWorks for three events in Dublin - I keep hiring them because of their professionalism, understanding of what we need, and quick communication. The work his team produces is great quality and we couldn't be happier with the results. VideoWorks is a great choice for your event needs!Eugene Ko, Phocuswright, USA

VideoWorks skilled team were a pleasure to work with on our employee videos. Communication from the team was timely, professional and helpful throughout the process. The excellent service provided during production and post-production ensured we received professional recordings and we were delighted with the final product.Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General

We hired Video Works to produce a video to mark our organisation's 40th Anniversary. They made the whole process incredibly seamless and ran an incredibly efficient production process from initial idea to finished product. I will be coming back to them for any video work that I need.Hugh O'Donohue, IACP

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