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Timelapse Video Production

Construction & Timelapse Video Production Services - Dublin, Ireland

VideoWorks offers industry-leading long-term time-lapse services across Ireland. We’ve worked with some of Ireland’s leading companies and organisations. We offer a single fixed-camera solution which captures a series of photos over any given time period – perfect for creating long-form timelapse videos. Our timelapse unit is completely self-contained in a rugged contained within weather-proof housing. It offers Timelapse solutions for construction, event and conference industries.

Timelapse photography can be used to capture the progress of a project or to document the development of a product or service. It can also be used to create promotional videos or to show the process of a business in action. It can be used to create engaging content that can be used to attract customers and build brand awareness.

Time-lapse photography is most commonly used to capture slow processes that normally wouldn’t be very visible or interesting if being watched with just the human eye. For businesses, it can be used to document the construction process or the setup for large-scale event. The result can form part of a marketing campaign, can be a promotional asset or could just be for archival purposes. Either way, it’s a fantastic creation and one that you can get only one. Considering the scale, duration and long-term services, you need a professional and VideoWorks has been creating timelapse photography for over 15 years. Get in touch with the pros!

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