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Animated Video

Why produce an animation video for your company?

Complex ideas and complex messages are the most difficult things to communicate. Animated videos, explainer videos and whiteboard videos are a fantastic way of communicating your message to an audience with ease and simplicity. They offer clarity, 100% control of the message and can be presented in an easy way that can help inform an audience. 

Whether a pharmaceutical company, a medical organisation or a government agency, animated videos or whiteboard videos may be the best way of communicating your message. Animated videos are usually a combination of branded content (logos or stings), animated elements, consistent music, and an over-arching voiceover. Here at VideoWorks, we offer professional animated video production services right in the heart of Dublin. We are reliable and deliver high quality content to a huge array of leading private and public sector clients across Ireland. We customise to your needs and working with some of Ireland’s leading animators, art directors and motion designers, we’ve created numerous animated videos that have successfully delivered diverse messages to wide audiences.

If you have an idea for an animated video or you are looking for ways to harness the power of video in your organisation or company then please get in touch. We would love to discuss your needs and help you realise your next project.

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