How to make a great EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Film Production

What is an EPK for film production?

Simply put, an EPK, short for Electronic Press Kit, is a snapshot of your film. The collection of digital materials work to promote your film to distributors, producers, or potential investors on crowdfunding pages. While making an EPK is a necessity these days to market your film, it’s an easy one to get wrong. We’re not saying this is a foolproof programme, but if you can confidently tick all the items on this list, then your EPK has a solid chance of connecting with the recipient.

5 essential steps in creating a stand out EPK

It’s great if you can get started on your EPK as early as possible. What with the monumental effort of creating a movie, creating an outstanding EPK to go with it takes time and ensures that your hard work gets noticed.

1. Create it for your audience

It’s hard not to be excited by the end product of all of that work. However, try not to let that enthusiasm override your need to connect with your target audience. For instance, distributors won’t find cinematography techniques particularly enticing. What will pique their interest are awards or a recognisable composer that you’ve brought on board for the soundtrack.

2. Film Synopsis

Provide an example of what potential viewers will see as a film synopsis. It’s best to keep this simple, ½ -¾ of a page, that grabs attention.

3. Get the angle right

You need to be able to condense the central theme of your film into one sentence. Subplots and nuances of your movie can be mentioned but the core of your film needs to shine. It’s only when you’re clear on precisely what it is that makes your movie worth watching, can you bring across a strong message in an EPK and gain attention in this competitive market.

3. Accolades

Has your film won awards?

Received praise from well-known legends in the industry?

A review from an esteemed source?

If so, these accolades that speak to the substance of your movie need to come in early. It’s a lot easier for distributors and promoters to trust that your film is good when the praise is coming from a trustworthy source – and not you!

4. Bios of the creators and actors

It’s essential here to go heavy on past experience such as awards received, previous film or tv work, previous stage experience. If any of your key players, including yourself, are new to the industry, mention your life experience that has helped to enrich the creative process.

5. Hyperlink

Since we’re working with a digital format, it’s important to use this to your advantage. It’s likely the people you’re sending your EPK to will receive many, many in a week. So hyperlinking your contact details, makes things not only streamlined for them but shows a level of professionality.

If you’d like further advice on how to make an EPK, then we’d be happy to advise you here – get in touch!