Video Production for Tech Companies

Never ones to refuse a challenge, we recently took on an ambitious corporate video project for MagGrow, a farming technology company based in Dublin. They wanted to spread the word about their one of a kind spraying technology that helps farmers to grow their crops in a cheaper, more sustainable fashion. MagGrow work with farmers all over the world and this was something they wanted to convey in the video. In the end it was produced across 4 countries, Ireland, England, the Czech Republic and the United States.


Production of this video was a little bit different and more of a challenge for us as we had our crew travel to Bristol and Prague to conduct interviews with some of the MagGrow team. We also had a local crew in Salinas, California who met with some happy customers. 


In a technology company such as MagGrow the visuals are extremely important when pitching to potential customers. That’s why our primary focus for this project was to capture the unique technology in action. We did this through various shots of the spraying process including many aerial shots of the various farms involved.


MagGrow believed that a video would be the best way to promote their idea as we could show exactly how their technology worked both behind the scenes and out on the farms. This video will be a great asset to MagGrow as they continue to expand and sell their product across the world.


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