Workplace safety is a crucial aspect of any business. Creating a safety video in 2021 sets the right tone – that the business cares for its employees’ well-being. Recently at Videoworks, we collaborated with AbbVie, a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company, to create a high-quality safety video for those visiting their premises at Clonshaugh.

About our clients

AbbVie has approximately 47,000 employees with professions ranging from scientists, researchers, communicators, manufacturing specialists and regulatory experts located around the globe. The company comes up with new approaches to addressing today’s health issues, from life-threatening illnesses to chronic conditions.

AbbVie targets specific difficult-to-cure diseases and can leverage core R&D expertise to advance science. AbbVie is constantly working to create solutions that go beyond treating the illness to positively impact patients’ lives, societies, and science itself.

Here is the AbbVie Safety video:

Benefits of a safety video

1. Optimum medium for information retention

Health and safety videos effectively deliver essential safety measures for both employees and visitors to the business premises. According to Forbes, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text-based format. So when it comes to the safety of those interacting with your business, choosing the optimal format for people to absorb information ensures that your business is seen to be doing all that it can to prioritise public safety.

2. Save time

Sending a health and safety video to visitors to the premises before they arrive reduces the amount of time needed to orientate a visitor safely. Safety videos can also be created for employees and can be viewed as part of their induction. These assets save considerable overheads in the induction phase of employee recruitment.

3. Prove commitment to safety

Investing in high-quality health and safety materials embeds a standard of commitment towards these matters within your company. These efforts help the business culture to be one where everyone follows the guidelines to improve protocol adherence. Safety training videos help ensure a risk-free working space where employees can work without fear of injury.

Elements of an effective safety video

1. Clear language

The information should be delivered using direct, simple to follow language. Using clear language also helps the viewer to discern the key messages to keep in mind when visiting or working on site.

2. Showcase protocol in action

Sit down videos can be an effective video style for many scenarios. However, a better option for health and safety videos is to hold a shooting day around the site. Having the scenes accompany the voice-over allows for better retention of the information. Also, seeing the specifics on camera, such as the reverse parking policy at AbbVie, helps those visiting site to implement guidelines consistently. We worked with AbbVie to create realistic scenarios and capture them on shooting day. It’s second nature for many drivers to park straight straight into a spot; showcasing the protocol within the AbbVie car park helps remind visitors and employees to reverse into the space so that a quick evacuation can be made by all, if ever necessary.

3. Concise

This AbbVie video is under five minutes, preventing information overload. 52% of viewers prefer instructional and informational videos between 3-6 minutes in length. However, too many policies crammed into one video can be counterproductive. If more sections need addressing, it can be helpful to create a video series.

4. Refer to other materials

Throughout the video, the narrator advises relevant visitors to the site to look for further information. For example, AbbVie’s “Think 5 Take 5 Philosophy” is mentioned to help people take personal accountability for their safety site.

If your business is looking to create a high-quality safety video that helps ensure staff and visitor compliance, you can get in touch with us at Videoworks Dublin.

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