Manufacturing Plant Showcase

We were recently approached by one of our repeat clients, Lindlab Ireland, to create a new video for them which would showcase their Dublin manufacturing plant and bring the viewer on a tour of their production processes. This would include displaying the cutting edge technology that they utilise and also the highly skilled workforce who are at the heart of everything they do.

Lindab Ireland manufactures and supplies products and solutions for ventilation systems. Lindab are leading the development of tight duct systems and have been the first supplier to offer duct systems in the highest tightness class D.Lindab Ireland also offer construction products for roofs, walls and roof drainage.

After a detailed consultation with the team at Lindlab we established an approach, style and production plan for the project. This would involve filming interior and exterior footage at their facility including drone filming. Lindlab wanted to be sure that their workforce were at the forefront of this video and for this reason we decided to include the entire team in both the intro and outro for the video.

Every stage of production which takes place within the facility was included in the video, beginning with the planning and design stage, progressing to the drawing and specification stages and then moving onto production in the factory floor. The VideoWorks crew gathered a range of shots during each of these stages in order to meet the objectives of a predefined storyboard that we had established in conjunction with the client. As part of the footage gathered we placed a large emphasis on gathering dynamic shots with plenty of camera movement in order to keep the video engaging and project the sense of a productive and fast moving workplace operating to the highest standards.

On completion of filming we immediately started editing using the aforementioned storyboard as a guide for the final video. At this stage text titles were introduced, presenting subtitles that had been developed with the client and supplemented the images throughout the video. This phase also saw the introduction of music and logos to bring the video to life. When the client was happy with the final cut we proceeded to colour correct the video before it was delivered to our very satisfied customer.

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