Event Live-streaming & Webcasting Video Production Service

Even if you’re in the early days of organising your event, a strategy should be created as to how that event will be documented, remembered and how it can be turned into a promotional tool for the next event in your calendar. In a time of Covid, it’s so important to understand how your event can continue online, connect with an audience and have real production quality that can attempt to re-create the event for real.

Whether a conference, a product launch, a trade fair or a festival, creating and broadcasting a virtual event on video is a crucial way of documenting and marketing the event to a wider audience, especially using social media channels. Here at VideoWorks, we have traditionally offered professional event videography services across Ireland but these days, we have move to the virtual event space and helped some of Ireland’s leading brands & organisations deliver virtual version of their event streaming to YouTube, Zoom,  Vimeo, Crowdcast and many more. We are reliable and deliver high quality content to a huge array of leading private and public sector clients across Ireland. We can customise our approach to your needs and our team can broadcast your virtual event using solely remote filming, combine pre-recorded elements and package the broadcast to band specifications. Check out some of our tips on web-casting.

We can be your virtual event producer. We offer a reliable & proven service service and within 24 hours of your event, we can edit and deliver a video including all graphics that is ready for you to share. 

Here’s what First Fortnight has said of the live-streamed service we offer:

“What can I say about Videoworks? They were amazing to work with. They have a great attention to detail, they clarify everything and it ensures everyone is on the same page. They filmed for us, they livestreamed for us, they problem solved for us. It was our first digital festival and we couldn’t have picked a better team to partner with. Anyone else thinking about running a digital festival, should go straight to them. They will massively reduce any stress you have. They were always extremely responsive and speedy to any emails or calls. Everyone in the team is skilled in their field and it makes them a really strong team overall. Any future occasions where we need help with something like this, I’m picking up the phone and calling them immediately.”

When planning your event, live-streaming should be at the forefront of your mind. Then after the event, that live-streamed content can continue to drive audiences to your message. Video is such a great way of sharing the experience and even a 3-5 minute summary video that can quickly be shared with attendees will impress and can help start the process of finding attendees for your next event.

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Case Study: Aontas Star Awards 2021