Creating a Dynamic Event Online

Case Study: First Fortnight

We have been huge fans of the First Fortnight Arts & Culture Festival for many years now and when we were asked to help them produce the festival online this year we jumped at the chance. With theatres and venues closed due to Covid the festival needed to bring the numerous performances and discussions into the virtual world so that people could watch from home. This involved live streaming a broad mixture of live and pre-recorded content over a two week period and meant that we were lucky enough to work with some of Ireland’s foremost musicians, poets and performers over the past few months.

All pre-recording was done remotely with performers connecting with us via video chat. We worked with over 20 poets and musicians and we tailored a different recording method to each in order to get the best picture and audio quality possible. This included using local recording devices synced with Zoom recordings in order to capture each performance in the optimum way.
Following on from the pre-recorded content we live-streamed 14 nights of content in the first two weeks of 2021 including music, poetry, film and audio documentary. We also hosted a range of different panel discussions during the festival with exciting contributors such as poet Stephen James Smith, comedian Alison Spittle, olympian Sonia O’Sullivan and Author Emma Dabiri.
All in all this was a really fantastic production to be involved in and it was an absolute pleasure working alongside the dedicated First Fortnight crew. Whilst we sincerely hope that the festival will be back taking place in venues and theatres around Ireland next year we also hope to work with the festival again in the future.
Every year First Fortnight work to bring thought-provoking and conversation sparking art across the country to challenge mental health prejudice and stigma. Find out more here
Edel Doran (Programme Co-Ordinator and Administrator, First Fortnight) said of the VideoWorks service provided during the event:
““What can I say about Videoworks? They were amazing to work with. They have a great attention to detail, they clarify everything and it ensures everyone is on the same page. They filmed for us, they livestreamed for us, they problem solved for us. It was our first digital festival and we couldn’t have picked a better team to partner with. Anyone else thinking about running a digital festival, should go straight to them. They will massively reduce any stress you have. They were always extremely responsive and speedy to any emails or calls. Everyone in the team is skilled in their field and it makes them a really strong team overall. Any future occasions where we need help with something like this, I’m picking up the phone and calling them immediately.”
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