The power of video to market and promote
Video Marketing Infographic, source

Video is king, long live the king!


Video is currently dominating across all social media platforms
so marketers should be giving it most of their attention.
Great video promotion is the best way to boost consumer engagement.
Here are some of our top tips for attracting consumers and keeping them engaged…


Content that triggers curiosity

Make sure you lead with engaging content across your socials that will make the viewer eager to learn more about your company. 

Grab them by their eyeballs

The best way to grab the viewers attention is with an eye catching, interesting video. 

Time is attention

It is important to remember that promotional videos designed for mobile viewing should not last any longer than 30 seconds. 

Make your video matter!

It is also important to focus on a topic that your potential viewers care about and may be searching for, through this you can reach a far wider audience. 

Encourage action

Once you have their attention you should aim to push viewers to the next step, this could be to your website, your contact information or a more informative post.


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