Creating branded content in 2020 is an exciting area of video production. Discerning viewers can spot when a brand is trying to sell you something and the days of product placement are long gone. Branded content is creating and dispersing useful, helpful, entertaining content

The key to creating engaging branded content is matching the brand with a concept that propels both forward. Working with Languages Connect and television format producers EZ Films, we were delighted to create an exciting new format that is both game show and both education tool for language learning.

Funded by the Post-Primary Languages Initiative, the Languages Connect challenge is a fact-ent competitive format aimed at 12-15 year olds. Three teams of beginner-level language learners travel to a foreign city for one day. Using only their language skills, they must race around the city to complete a series of challenges. The team who completes all of the challenges the quickest will take bragging rights and receive an amazing prize. The losing teams must complete a forfeit. Combining foreign language use and learning about foreign cultures, Language Connect is a fun but progressive format encouraging the development of outward-looking global citizens.

Check it out below and Find out more about branded content with more examples here