Tracking Expenses and Managing A Budget Is Vital For Any Production

We work with freelance crew members all the time and it’s important that all expenses incurred by the staff and freelance crew members that we engage with are properly recorded and accounted for. This template Petty Cash form which is used to record all cash expenses is invaluable in managing this aspect of our film and video production business.

The template includes space for all of the individuals details as well as cells for recording all aspects of each transaction. It accounts for floats which may be issued and will retain a comprehensive record of expenses on a production.

The template includes all of the relevant information required by production accountants or line managers in order to feed each individual expenses into the overall accounting system in an easy way and allows for speedy reimbursement of costs.

This template is regularly incorporated into google docs where it can be completed, monitored and signed off on via the cloud. It is a hugely important tool in the day to day running or our business and one that we are happy to share with you!

Download a petty cash template here:

Template Petty Cash and Expenses Form