Our Commitment to the Environment, Diversity and Fairness 

VideoWorks is a dynamic video marketing agency and understands that every company has a role to play when it comes to our environment and green issues  but also in terms of its inclusiveness to people from diverse backgrounds.

Our environmental statement for video production underscores our real commitment to eco-friendly video production and filmmaking practices. As a responsible company within the industry, we prioritise sustainability at every stage of production. From utilising energy-efficient lighting and equipment to minimising waste and carbon emissions, our green filmmaking initiatives are aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. We’re proud to incorporate low-impact set design and eco-conscious cinematography techniques into our projects, ensuring that we not only deliver exceptional videos but also do our part to protect our planet. With our environmental commitment, we aim to inspire the film industry to embrace sustainable practices and so proving that high-quality video production can go hand-in-hand with environmental strategies.

To that end, we have a robust Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Governance Structure in place.   VideoWorks’ EHS Manual provides governance structure for the management of environmental, health and safety aspects of company operations. It provides processes for setting and achieving EHS objectives and targets; establishing, implementing and updating EHS Management Programmes; allocating roles, responsibilities and resource to achieving objectives and conforming with the requirements of the management system and manual; measuring EHS performance, and ensuring continual EHS performance management and improvement.

Our Environmental Management Systems

VideoWorks has committed itself to implementing an Environmental Management Systems. This management system provides the mechanism by which the company continually improves its environmental performance, reduces its environmental impact and carbon emissions, and maximizes organizational sustainability.

Employee Safety and Well-being

We are committed to ensuring employee safety and well-being when carrying out company operations. We have a robust Health and Safety Management System which ensures VideoWorks exceeding health and safety at work requirements defined in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005.

Carbon Efficient

VideoWorks is committed to carrying out company operations in a sustainable and carbon efficient manner. Despite being a company which isn’t energy intensive and is predominantly involved in office based activities, we understand the importance of everybody playing their part in improving sustainability in Ireland. VideoWorks have internal guidelines for the efficient use of gas and electricity at its offices, the efficient use paper, waste management and green procurement.

Dignity in the Workplace

VideoWorks has robust policies and procedure in place to ensure it is an organization that affords its employees dignity at work, provides fair and decent working conditions, provides equal opportunities and promotes diversity and inclusion. We pride itself on being a good employer, treating its staff fairly and promoting diversity, inclusion and representation within its organisation. We also have a robust recruitment selection policy which ensure VideoWorks adopts fair procedures when hiring new recruits.

Sustainable Practices

With respect to delivery of this project, our staff will examine all environmental considerations associated with the scope and recommend the use of sustainable practices and materials, in order to prevent or minimise their environmental impact while still meeting the required functionality.

The works will be carried out by a core team following a standard operating procedure with clear roles, responsibilities and quality control established at the outset. A core team implementing this procedure consistently will result in time and energy efficiencies across the project scope and a uniformity across project deliverables.

Flexible Working Practices

Project meetings and correspondences with the client, and any third parties, will be carried out remotely and online, saving on environmental impacts associated with travel. VideoWorks also have a well-established and proven hybrid working programme which facilitates staff to work both at home and from the office, and also facilitates cross-office collaboration.

Energy Efficient

VideoWorks encourage the efficient use of energy, which will minimise the environmental impact of this desk- based project. Computers and monitors are switched off when not in use and staff are encouraged to reduce screen brightness and avoid animated screensavers. VideoWorks also employs a “Green Purchasing” policy, ensuring that all products and services are selected to have minimal environmental impact. Only monitors and computers with an Energy Star Logo are purchased and running and standby costs are compared when deciding on computer equipment.