Marketing will be the fundamental factor for business’ success when the reopening finally arrives post-Covid. In the past year, companies have been forced to think short-term to adapt, comply and, of course, impose necessary safety measures. However, as the world opens back up, it’s crucial to also open up into medium and long term strategies.

Marketing enables businesses to step out of price wars with competitors and instead focus on the value, quality, experience and customer service your business offers.

In 2021, only 61% of marketers believe their marketing strategy is effective, according to Hubspot. That’s why we’ve made this article. We’ll be exploring practical methods to create and leverage brand loyalty, and increase visibility and engagement as the reopening process begins.

Medium-term planning

Building on from this article’s intro, businesses have been on the back foot for over a year now. These months have involved waiting for the next governmental plan release and hastily creating a contingent plan out of that. Now, in terms of your business, it’s time to take back the planning reins.

That means creating a marketing strategy now, for when you do reopen.

Having this time for creativity is what’s needed to create a sleek, professional. It also gives time for the logical aspects of launching an online campaign that actually entices people to visit your store.

Also, it’s great to work on social messaging now so that your customers will feel safe to come back and that they know your business puts the health of customers and employees first and foremost. People are rightly on red alert, and nothing but the highest standards of compliance are acceptable for most customers.

Connection and Authenticity

Post-Covid businesses are going to be placing an ”emphasis on contextual and relevant in-the-moment customer interactions and an overt shift to focus on expanding customer lifetime value — qualities that currently are more reminiscent of B2B”.

Customer-facing businesses will be taking a leaf out of B2B customer interactions by connecting with their customers online and in-person. 86 per cent of consumers say that authenticity is a crucial factor when deciding what brands they like and support, according to Stackla.

Consumers are also holding brands up to higher ethical standards.

It’s time for businesses to have values and vocally support issues that resonate. Helping to make the world a better place is becoming a more important factor in people’s lives. It derives then that they feel called to support businesses that align with values that they hold for themselves.

Covid has also changed us as a society– people’s lives have slowed down and many have come to realise what they cherish in this world. As you reopen, perhaps it’s time to evaluate where your brand stands on the– local, national and global– issues and how your brand can help.

Read on for tips on how to create authentic content for your brand as you reopen post-Covid.


Even if your business is likely to be closed for the next few months– do your best to stay consistent on social media platforms. Consistency helps your audience to see the build-up as you get ready for reopening.

Behind the scenes content of a business is popular content. Have a countdown timer set so that people can track your journey to finally welcoming customers. Explore the highs and lows of your brand during the pandemic with your following. Many of your viewers are experiencing similar uncertainties, and being authentic is the way to creating an engaged community.

Launch day

Pre-covid, launch day would involve trying to get as many people in the doors as possible. These days, this wouldn’t be the safe option, but there are ways to create hype while social distancing. Maybe host a giveaway on your page to celebrate the reopening, revamp your offerings, or host an exclusive mini-event.

Record a welcome-back video showcasing all the reasons your customers have been drawn to your services in the first place. Be sure to provide clear information on what protocol will be once the doors open.

Must customer book in advance?

How many are allowed on your premises at a time?

Are you providing any freebies to welcome customers back?

If your budget allows, having a professional crew come in to capture this helps your reopening to turn heads. You can showcase the new offerings ahead of time. This has the added bonus of not having to draw out the camera on the launch day and focus on your customers. However, make sure to set up an Instagrammable spot and encourage selfies!

Live it up!

Going Live on social media the morning of reopening is a wise investment of time. Launch day is busy but taking 2-3 minutes to capture the excitement to finally greet customers again gives your audience an enticement to be a part of the magic.

Once your followers can see that you’re taking safety and social distancing seriously, they may be more encouraged to drop by. Using Instagram or Facebook Live pulls people in with the opportunity to engage. The Live feature helps with both visibility and reach as they are prioritised ahead of regular stories in user’s feeds.

Meet the team

Either posting a photo of team members or introducing themselves in Stories gives followers a better feel for the people behind your brand. Also, adding humour can help, asking what they’ve been up to over the lockdown, what strange hobbies they’ve picked up, how they’ve been managing to find joy through the madness.

Personalities make a customer-facing business. Posting this style of content as we ease out of lockdown can grow your social engagement and get people excited about meeting your team in real life!

There you have it! We have over 15 years of experience helping Irish businesses, big and small, to create high-quality video content centred around storytelling through our craft and expertise. Want to know more?

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