When working with our corporate clients, lots of them ask us how they should prepare for an interview on camera. It’s probably the most commonly asked question and there is often understandable nerves. Video production is a craft and if you choose us, we’ll happily guide you through any interview process.

Here are a few tips:

1. The most important thing for any interview is to relax. If you fluff your lines, you can always give it another go, and another go, and another go, your fail safe in making a film is the huge amount of space on digital crds these days so there’s no pressure, relax into it and the rest will follow.

2. How much should you prepare? Well, it’s worth putting a bit of time into what you want to communicate but what audiences really engage with is authenticity. Being overly scripted can be a barrier to viewer engagement.

3. Believe in what you are saying. Examine why you are making the video and find the core thing you believe in and want to communicate. Focus on that and be passionate about that when being interviewed. Let the world see why they should care about your business/service/product.

4. What should you wear? Well, always wear on camera something is rule number one! The second rule comes down to what you really want to communicate and to who you want to communicate. If your audience is business, communicating a clean corporate image is important. If your audience is the general public, being genuine can go a long way. Examine your audience and your business, and wear something you think represents that.

5. Enjoy it! For many people, being interviewed on camera is not a regular occurrence and might even be a once in a lifetime moment and it’s important to treat it like that. So make sure you enjoy it!

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