We regularly get emails from those looking for work experience in video production. Whether  students in transition year, university students or recent graduates, there are a lot of people looking to learn from experience on the job. Over the years, we’ve tried to accommodate students and have had many great experiences. However it’s not always possible to find the place for students in our sort of business.

VideoWorks is a small business that expands (when in production) and contracts (when not in production) very quickly. We use a pool of freelancers to expand and when we contract it usually the core team. To accommodate people looking for work placement, we need a long production and in corporate and event video production, that is not the norm. How and ever, never say never, and if you are looking for work placement, put your name on file by emailing info@videoworks.ie 

What is our advice for those looking for a career in video and film production? Start making videos using your phone, edit using free software available online (or a free 30 day trial with Premiere Pro), do a lot of free videos for friends & families, get a great showreel produced, build a website and away you go!