Creating an explainer video for your business may seem daunting. That said, it’s one of the best ways to reach your target audience and gain attention through information. We see it all too often that businesses are overly concerned with getting their mission statement and values across without thinking about what the viewer wants to see.

Explainer video example:


With, we created a video that takes the student through how to prepare for the Leaving Cert oral exam in Irish. Many companies who specialise in homeschooling, for instance, will tend to focus on their platform and their unique selling points. Unfortunately, this doesn’t tend to hold attention quite as fast as if they were to give their customers solutions to their specific problem. It’s worth outlining how you can add value to your viewers in your video marketing strategy.

77% of viewers watch an explainer video for up to 2 minutes. Given that this is the average length of an explainer video, this shows the effectiveness of explainer videos. Compare this to a blog post, where people on average read 20% of the available content and it’s clear which gives you a better chance of gaining attention.

Through the video, the viewer gains an insight into the services provided by the company. Essentially, they offer a peek into the syllabus they provide.

For your marketing strategy, see if you can shift perspective from needing to tell viewers about your business, to giving them access to what you provide. This works for service as well as product businesses.

Top tip for making a stand-out explainer video

1. Add value

As we mentioned, in creating the above video with it was paramount to focus on creating value for the viewer. It’s useful to know that up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they first saw an explainer video.

Explainer videos are there to inform and entertain the user. This is what makes the video powerful in its ability to create conversions. The viewers learn really practical tips for their exam, and the CTA at the end (“Online lessons from Ireland’s best teachers”, followed by “”) gives those interested all the encouragement they need to research the services more.

2. Keep it short

Mandy Manekar outlines in Forbes why you should considering create snappier videos, “It takes people less than three seconds to decide whether they want to watch your video or not. If you don’t catch their attention, they will scroll to the next thing in their newsfeed. For that reason, make sure the start of your video is engaging, to the point and visual. Be sure to use descriptive and catchy titles to hook viewers”.

With TikTok and Instagram Reels fast becoming the preferred method of viewing, businesses need to follow suit. On a side note, see if you can create videos that can be easily edited for ‘snackable’ content that you can use across social platforms.

3. High quality

Crisp audio, good lighting and clear footage bridges the gap in the online world. Your customers feel closer to the person in front of the camera.

That being said, it is possible to use a smartphone to record a video. However they don’t compare to the end-result of using more professional-grade equipment. If it’s within budget, choosing a professional video company gives peace of mind that the video will grab customer’s attention as you’ll be working with a team who do it every day for a living.

4. Benefits, not features

Not many articles will explain the difference between the two very clearly.

A feature is a part of your product or service, whereas a benefit is the positive impact it has on your customer.

The easiest way to focus on benefits is to place yourself in the customer’s shoes and question ‘what’s in it for me?’.

Starttech Ventures explains how important it is “to use your features as a “secret” weapon. They are based on logic and don’t stimulate the senses and emotions. But if you put the right narrative behind it, which is based on the benefits these features bring to a customer, then magic happens.”

So features are helpful too, but features will always be the more enticing piece for your customers.

5. Create a script

Think about your business at a high level and define what really matters first. Get clear on your:

  • Target audience
  • Ideal tone
  • Key benefits of your product/service
  • The problems that you’re solving

A script means that you can refine what you want to say. You have the chance to create a strong opening that draws in viewers as well as a compelling close that makes your prospects want to learn more.

Without a script, the video may become a bit too fluffy— meaning that there are too many filler words and sentences that detract from your key message. That’s why having someone from outside the company create the script with you is a good idea. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on your services and how to make them stand out from the crowd.

Looking to create a video?

There you have it— your guide to making a stand-out explainer video! We have over 15 years of experience helping Irish businesses, big and small, create high-quality video content centred around storytelling through our craft and expertise.

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