A Case Study with Bleeper Bikes

Here at VideoWorks, we’ve seen an increase in the need for crowdfunding videos lately. The visual element really benefits the campaign as it is the most engaging and interesting way to showcase your idea.

So what makes a good crowdfunding video? 

  • Length

It’s really important to make a video long enough that it hits all your key point of information but short enough that viewers will stick with it til the end. Videos that tend to drag on will lose viewers and as a result, potential investors. We would say to aim for around the 3 minute mark.

  • Make your point

The video should have a clear opening, middle and conclusion. If your ideas are concise and coherent then potential investors are more likely to have confidence in your idea.

  • Show your idea in action

If possible, you should show what your business does and also what it could do if you are successful in crowdfunding. Viewers need to see where their money will go if they are going to become investors.

One of the most recent crowdfunding videos we’ve produced was for Hugh Cooney in Bleeperbike. His video incorporated all these elements and is the perfect example of how to showcase your business to potential investors.