Subtitling is a key element to include when producing videos for social media. If you want users to watch your videos then it’s important to make it as easy for them as possible. By incorporating captions or subtitles into your video, you are increasing its potential reach, engagement and shareability. Not only does this make your videos accessible to viewers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing but also to foreign language speakers. If your language isn’t their first language, subtitles can help to solve any issues with accent or dialect! Our neighbours in Europe are well used to subtitling their content for export internationally but increasingly Irish social media marketeers are seeing the benefits of subtitling Irish content.

With well over 50% of video views taking place on mobile phones and tablets, it’s important to make videos easily viewable for people who can’t, for whatever reason, play the audio out loud, for example viewers on public transport or in noisy atmospheres.

On most social media platforms, videos will autoplay on mute as you scroll over them. Subtitles make a massive difference when it comes to grabbing the viewers attention in that spit second. Videos with captions encourage users to slow their scroll and engage.

We use subtitles across all our videos here at VideoWorks and would encourage you to do the same. Get in touch about a subtitling service now!