Videos can be a really powerful form of content, it can also make a significant contribution to a company’s search engine ranking. 64% of all internet traffic is made up of videos alone so featuring a video on your website can attract more views than a text heavy site. They don’t have to be movies with actors or special effects. Videos communicate so much visually that sometimes they don’t even need a script!
Building links and generating social shares is one of the best things you can do to improve your Google ranking. Viewers are more likely to engage with videos than they would with static content so tweets, retweets, pins, likes and shares, across the various social media platforms, help massively with boosting the site’s SEO. The more engagement your video creates, the higher up your page will rank.
When a potential customer finds your site, you have to impress them in the first few seconds or you’ll lose them. Get them engaged with what you’re selling through an eye-catching video. At Videoworks, we’re happy to chat to you about what video would work best for your business. Let us help boost your page by creating a it for you!