Subtitling file formats are tricky!

Over the years, we have delivered content to Irish language broadcaster TG4. There’s so much great content on the channel and it really is a home for innovation and creativity. As part of delivering finished files to TG4, we have to deliver Irish language subtitling files. Our partner is creating the subtitle files is Europus who create an STL subtitle file for us to send to TG4. One of the challenges though is for us is that we have to deliver a press screener an so need to burn in subtitles. To burn in subtitles we need an SRT file form… the questions is:

How do you convert from STL subtitling file to an SRT subtitling file?

Gather round…..this is how we do it.

Step 1: Get the STL file

Step 2: Upload any video to Youtube. Upload the subtitle file. Download the sbv file format that Youtube providees.

Step 3: Open in Textedit

Step 4: Paste the text in textedit here:

Step 5: Download SRT from 3playmedia

And there you go, our knowledge is now your knowledge!

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