How to Get the Best Real Estate Video to Showcase Your Property

Videos are no longer the cherry on top within real estate. Video marketing is how to increase the chances of getting potential buyers into your office and closing the deal. You can use videos from anything to an ‘about me’ that help your clients get to know you all the way to expanding social media presence. There’s even the opportunity to create contract clauses explainer videos. For today though, we’re going to focus on creating the dream-home showcase video.

Plan and budget

We’re not creating a blockbuster here but neither should it be a clunky, blurry video shot from an old iPhone. Finding the middle ground is essential. Also, be sure to find the theme of the house. Is it sleek? Traditional? Maybe the space is homey or minimalist.

Music, lighting and furnishings can work with you to strengthen these unique aspects of the house, which is why the planning stage deserves a chunk of the overall time. If the video doesn’t match the house, viewers won’t see the house in its absolute best light. And that means the video’s value to the property won’t be as strong as it could’ve been either.

Recreate the “bread technique”

You know the age-old trick of having bread cooking in the oven during open house viewings? Video gives you endless opportunities to create a homey and memorable impression of the house. That roaring, crackling fire, capturing the morning light filter over the glossy oak timber flooring. With the right equipment and expertise, you can bring out the best in a house.

The virtual tour

Capture the flow of the house and the selling points of each room. Working with video marketing experts can make the end result here sleek and enticing. Having aerial footage of the property adds another dimension. Removing pictures of current homeowners, fluffing cushions and dressing the beds in fresh, crisp linen helps to add to the overall effect and get potential buyers booking in-person viewings!

Optimal property showcase video length

Condense the video down to its essence. What are the real highlights of the home? And what is the winning footage that brings these gems to life on the screen? We recommend between 4-7 minutes. Anything less and you don’t have the space to get in all of the key features, and the video may feel rushed. Over ten and you’re demanding too much time and focus. Everyone is bombarded with content these days, so keep the videos capping the length of your videos help keep information helpful and not overwhelming.

Followup videos

Showcase the house, but also your attentiveness to potential buyers. In this video, you can answer any of their questions and give a warm, friendly impression. Keep in mind that this can be informally shot, but appears to viewers as a high-effort and personalised response.

Looking to create real estate videos with video marketing professionals? Let’s see if we’re the right fit for your needs. Contact us here at Videoworks for property videos that gleam.

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