Virtual Event and Conference Streaming

Creating a dynamic live-streamed video call has been the go-to during the Covid pandemic. We have been tasked numerous times to live-stream events. Turning a real-world event into a virtual one does present issues though so we’ve created the following guide to help our clients create a virtual event of quality and one that remains accessible to all.

Who should host the call or stream?

We advise that the client should host the call. One technical person within the client’s team should be charged with creating the call and they should be the live-streaming company’s point of contact. We can technically host the call but for GDPR and ultimate responsibility, we recommend that the clients host.

The Professional Live-Streaming Process

We can live-stream one camera or multiple cameras. We can incorporate pre-produced videos. We can also live-stream presentations but each person presenting should have a laptop with a HDMI output beside them. Our team can then cut between the presentation itself and the computer screen. With Covid health & safety regulations, the laptop should not be shared. 

Which Streaming Platform?

We can stream to any platform (Zoom, Skype, Twitch, Facebook, Youtube etc.). It is ultimately the clients decisions. Factors include accessibility and specific needs. Will people who watch the stream be able to access the platform and is a Q&A element needed.

Live video streaming production services for events, conferences, AGMs

Lectern or no lectern

Normally each person presenting on a live-stream would be mic-ed individually. However with Covid, this is not possible. Placing a lectern in one place means we can fix one microphone to that place. It’s also a location where someone can place there laptop. After each presentation, the lectern should be sterilised which is vital.

Sharing the call

Whichever platform chosen, invitations to join the live-stream should be shared in advance. Zoom is a great a platform for scheduling a call.

If using Zoom, here are a few tips for invitees including how to do a Q&A

Organising your virtual event on Zoom? Feel free to share the following advice to your invitees:

  • Please update your zoom application to the latest version available
  • Please show up 5 minutes before the session starts. You will be let in from the waiting room.
  • If possible, use a headset with microphone in order to ensure good audio quality.
  • Please mute yourself.
  • Please rename yourself once in the zoom meeting like this: Full name, Company/Organisation name. You can do this  by clicking on “Participants”
  • We recommend to keep the session full screen, speaker view and to give it your focus! Sometimes the speakers will be spotlighted, so you will not be able to see the other participants.
  • During the Q&A ask questions directly in the chat or use the “raise your hand” function (-> Click on Participants and find the little blue hand).
  • Please be patient as it is possible that your question will not be answered due to the limited time of the Q&A.
  • If possible, try to be on your own in the same room for the whole session. It does help to focus and keep an involving ambience!
  • Share your thoughts in the chat function!

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