Why does your organisation needs a training video?

Here at VideoWorks, we’re big fans of helping to improve businesses through the use of video! One of the most recents trends we’ve seen is the successful incorporation of training videos into the workplace.

Training videos are a great way tor businesses to scale their professional development strategy. Creating video can be a great way to share your message, through visual engagement. Your employees are therefore more likely to remember and respond to the training. The videos can also be accessed by employees whenever they need. They can also re-watch and take the time to fully understand the instructions. Another great thing about video is its ability to illustrate multiple types of training examples that can be difficult to replicate otherwise.

The use of instructional videos is also a much cheaper alternative to hiring a trainer each time. It greatly reduces training costs for the business as producing a video would only require a once-off payment. If you’d like to see how much it would cost to produce a training video for your business then get in touch with us here for a quote!

VideoWorks is a Dublin based video production company that provides high-quality video production to some of Ireland’s leading companies and educational organisations! In our experience, companies both big and small have used video to effectively engage their employees and make concepts stick. These days they don’t have to be very formal affairs, sometimes applying a creative approach to an instructional video can prove to be a perfect format to get your message across.  However a common mistake of ineffective training videos: Failing to find an adequate balance between entertainment, motivation and actual teaching. We would encourage you to contact us now to discuss the best strategy for creating the perfect video to communicate to your employees!