How and why videos can be transformed into a podcast?

Podcasts are having a moment. We love them and they are our constant companions on the commute. Our favourites include….Freakonomics, Donal Fallon’s Three Castles Burning and Bandwagons! Internal communications are now using podcasts to share with their workforces.

From our point of view, one of the things that we have been asked about again and again is whether a video can be transformed into a podcast. The short answer is yes.


Long-form videos whether keynote addresses, seminars, workshops or interviews can make great podcasts. The process to create these sort of videos is exactly the same as creating a podcast. In many ways, it’s a great additional outlet for the video you have made and it’s cost effective as the video is recording audio as well.


Step 1 – Capturing the Audio

The key to a captivating long-form video and a captivating podcast is audio recording and making sure the audio quality is extremely high. Getting a professional sound recordist (and if there are multiple people to be included a sound engineer with a mixer) is a must. 

Step 2 – Editing

In editing a video, you are also editing audio. You are making selects on which microphone is best at different moments across the video and ultimately you are mixing the audio of the video. 

Step 3 – Delivery

On completion, we use a multiband compressor on video export which balances the audio within safe zones. As such, a final long-form video produced by VideoWorks can perfectly transition to an audio podcast in MP3 or AIFF format.

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