Why every video production company needs insurance?

Being insured as a company is premiss of all business. In our the video production business, there are many one-man band production companies who are willing to take a risk. That is not us. We are professional and fully insured.


We believe that from the moment you start your business making sure that you are fully-insured is vital, not only from your perspective but also in the interests of clients, employees and members of the public. Married to a health & safety conscious workplace, insurance is really important to us so what types of insurance do we have?

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Filming is not risk-free. There are cables, there is electricity and there is heavy equipment. Making sure you have public liability insurance is so important. We are often filming in public spaces and we often interact with members of the public. It never has but if an accident were to happen with a member of the public whilst filming, both ourselves and our clients need to be covered. Public liability insurance is a requisite for all video production companies.

What is Employer’s Liability Insurance?

As an employer, we equally have to make sure that our employees are covered in case of an accident or injury in the workplace.  Employer’s liability is a vital insurance for any video production company.

What Is Equipment Liability Insurance?

The equipment we use is expensive and as such there is potential for damage or theft. We have equipment insurance in place to insure against this


Where to get media production insurance in Ireland?

Over the years, we have used the following video production insurance brokers in Ireland and have had positive experiences with all:


Media Insurance Brokers


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