How to replace copyrighted footage?

Are you receiving the following:

The copyrighted content was found in your video. The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video.

When creating video content, ensuring your legals are 100% correct is vital. Beyond participant and location releases, gaining permission for the any film footage, photographs, archive or indeed music is really important. These days, there are all sorts of AI scouring the internet for content used without permission and if they find any uncleared usage, well then you may get a bill, a take-down notice, or legal proceedings. So what low-cost alternatives are there and what strategies can you employ to get around using copyrighted material?

Use Photo Animation instead of Video Archive

Getty and Pathé have some amazing video archive but they are expensive to use especially if you require world-wide usage and an infinite term of usage. What we’ve done over the years is to use image archives which are a lot cheaper then to create layers in the image by cutting out elements, then introduce subtle movement and apply a colour dust effect on top. The result is both captivating and low cost

Recreation and dramatisation instead of video or image archive

Another alternative to using archive is to incorporate recreation or dramatisation elements. These elements can add real production quality if done right but also an impressionistic approach (blurred/off-centre/emphasising objects as opposed to faces) can really be done cost effectively and convincingly.

Sources of copyright free material

Are you looking for copyright free usage of video or photo archive or footage? Perhaps a Creative Commons usage of public domain footage? There are several resources online but be warned….just because a website indicates you can use certain footage, that doesn’t mean you can. The footage may have been uploaded to the platform without the knowledge of the copyright holder or the copyright owner.

Copyright Free Public Domain Footage:


The Internet Archive

The Public Domain Project


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