Bringing your exhibition to life with video production

Creating an exhibition in 2020 is about creating a rich and immersive experience. Audio-visual elements are increasingly a vital way of engaging visitors in galleries, exhibitions and museums. So what makes a good audio-visual resource for an exhibition?

Complimentary Video Production

  • Making sure that the video and audio doesn’t dominate the chosen space is vital. The relationship between the exhibits and the audio-visual elements is nuanced. The video should illuminate a visitor about the object or the wider context. The audio should provide a sense of tone and bring immersion for the visitor. The exhibits should be able to be enjoyed independently of the audio-visual elements but the marriage between the two should propel the collection of objects into new light, therefore have rich content created by a team of curious individuals is important

Motion Graphics and Animation for Exhibitions

  • These days, static images, maps and text can be brought to life with motion graphics and animation. For the purpose of an exhibition, these are amazing tools that can really engage an audience.

Looped Video for Exhibitions

  • A video in an exhibition or gallery space is always looped. For that to work, understanding the consequences of looping and complimenting that with the amount of time visitors spend in the space is key. A looped video should be too short or else it will grate. A looped video might need a moment of quietness so that the objects or collection can really be emphasised. 

We have had two amazing experiences creating video content for galleries and museums. We created video content for the Man on Bridge exhibition in the Gallery of Photography, Temple Bar. We also recently created video content for the National Treasures exhibition in the National Museum of Ireland. 

If you would like to create video content for your upcoming exhibition, get in touch!