Why live-stream your event?

Not everyone can make it to your event. The question is how can you connect with that audience so as to continue to build a community around your brand and business? One of the services that we have increasingly been asked to produce is live-streaming. Whether a keynote address, a speech, a webinars or a workshop, streaming a video from the event direct to Facebook and other platforms is becoming increasingly popular. So when should you live-stream and how can you do it?

Live-streaming is a fantastic way to share content but you need an audience to stream to and the content should be so impactful that people will want to sit and watch it. 

How to live-stream an event to Facebook?

From a video production company’s point of view, event videographers are usually there on the day capturing your event. As part of that package, we usually provide recordings of the speeches. Adding a live-streaming to the day is cost-effective to this package. In terms of software, we use Dejero Live+ Broadcasting Facilities allowing us to route live content through Dejero’s Cloud Server straight to Facebook Live. 

If you want to use live-streaming to expand your reach in new and engaging ways, get in touch with Ireland’s leading video production agency!