Delivering digital files to a broadcaster seems like a complex task and sometimes it’s hard not to believe that there’s a deliberate layer of complexity to digital file delivery so as to make inaccessible to those outside of post-production houses. However, behind the jargon, it really is straightforward and can save production companies money. Here are instructions on how to deliver files to Irish broadcaster TG4 from a Premiere project, however it is the same file delivery as ITV, BBC among others. For this example, we are delivering rushes for the promo department (so non-mixed, non-graded and non-onlined footage), completely clean footage.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Delivering MXF Files to TG4

Step 1

Export a AS-11 HD File from Premiere

AS11 Export

Step 2

Open DPP Wrapper and  click “Start NeW Project”

TG4 File Delivery

Step 3

First, select Your MXF by clicking on the bottom right corner. Then fill out all details running through all the tabs and validating each tab as you go. Make sure your timecode match what’s in the Premiere sequence.

TG4 File MXF Delivery

Step 4

Click Finish, then Generate DPP AS11 file with sidecar XML

TG4 File Delivery DPP Wrapper

Step 5

Logon to TG4’s MediaShuttle Portal (or whatever the relevant broadcaster portal is) and click upload. Use Chrome, Download Signiant App and Select Files to Upload. If having issues loading this, make sure OS is up-to-date.


And there you go, you’ve saved yourself quite a bit of money from the video production experts!