Dublin is a video production hub

The video production industry is bigger and better than ever right now in Dublin. In particular, the corporate side of video production. Businesses are starting to take notice of how effective a visual asset can be towards their growth and success. There are now over 50 video production companies in Dublin, making it one of the fastest growing cities in this area.

Corporate video production is a really great way for content creators to work closely with brands and agencies in bringing their storytelling and video production talents to a much larger audience, while the brands and agencies also benefit from these skills in terms of sales and engagement. 

It is almost expected of companies to capture visual highlights of their events these days. This is due to the high demand for an online presence in order to thrive across all platforms both on and offline. 

Videoworks is one of the leading video production companies in Dublin, specialising in corporate and event videos. If you are in need of a corporate video, let us get you from concept to finished product. You can get in touch through info@videoworks.ie.

We also have a sister company in Belfast, which you can check out here: Video Production Belfast